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Attractions nearby Unnaryd

In the wake of Ebbe Skammelson

15 prospects over different attractions in the area around Alebo Pensionat


Unnaryd is an old cultural village with a rich and exciting farming culture and a lively craftsman tradition. Unnaryd can offer handicraft (hemsl�jd) and the finest museum in Sweden showing the unique "bonads" paintings.

Brunnsbacka Sawmill

Saw, watermill and wood slicer from 18th- and 19th century. The mill has a long history and its surroundings are charismatic and idyllic. The mill is beautifully situated at a water stream, which flows into the lake Kroksjön. Around the mill you will find majestic Junipers. The mill is taken care of by a foundation. Guiding for groups: SEK 100

The Bonadsmuseum in Unnaryd

"Bonad" = Painted textile for wallpaper. The museum is situated in the Folklore Park and is financed by a donation from the brother and sister Larsson i Sjö. Explore a tradition of art from the counties around Unnaryd which is more that 200 years old. The Museum is the only of its kind in Sweden showing this kind of art. The Folklore Park is situated in wonderful green surroundings aside a small river stream, where you find a number of old houses creating a nice group. In the Folklore Park you will also find a working copy of a "vadmalsstamp". Entrance SEK 20 (subject to change).

Alebo Pensionat

Alebo Hotel is a cultural relic typical for the time it was built - a "hydro" from 1897, traditionally made of wood. It was established at the health spring in the Alebo Valley, which has been known since the 17th century. The hotel was in the first years solely functioning as a health resort and bath. The drinking of spring water was combined with various health baths - all under medical supervision. Today the well is still running and our guests can freely enjoy the mineral water. Nowadays you will find a well known local restaurant. On the menu you will discover many dishes based on natural products directly coming from the lakes and the forest. From the restaurant you have a magnificent view over the Lake Unnen.

Chalander Museum

Within a modest distance you will find the Chalander Museum (cabinetmaking and clocks) in Jälluntofta. Cabinetmaker Johannes Chalanders old workshop with work sketches and tools and even some of the magnificent pieces of furniture are on show. His son Daniel's watch-making workshop is also part of the museum. Take the opportunity to visit the shooting pavilion that dates back to early 20th century situated opposite the museum. Open Sundays 24 June- 19 August between 13-15. Other times after arrangement. Lennart Hjelm +46 (0)371-720 14 Anne- Marie Larsson +46 (0)371-720 79 Göran Martinsson +46 (0)371-124 13 .

Femsjö Church

The Church dates back from the Middle Ages. To be found are both an old Christening font and beautiful ceiling paintwork from the 18th century. The church is open every day between 9 AM to 6 PM from the 15-April РAll Saints Day. Viewing upon arrangement: Sture Wahlstr̦m, Femsj̦ +46 (0)345-121 02 or +46 (0)345-120 97.

Elias Fries Museum

Elias Fries was born on August 15th 1794 as the only child in the vicarage at Femsjö, a small solitary parish in the western part of Småland close to the border to Halland....... read more